Optimist or Pessimist?

Are you an optimist-one who sees life beautifully with the acception of its ugly sides and with a positive outlook?, or a pessimist-one who sees life just as a big disaster with no way to get out?
Well if you are an optimist good for you! Life is not just a big disaster which you have fallen into. It can be so good if you keep that good and positive atitude. It will be difficult at times but let’s face it, nothing is easy.
Now if you are a pessimist, you need to look on the positive side. If you can learn how to ignore the ugly sides of life or can deal with it, you’ll be fine. The thing about being a pessimist is you won’t get to enjoy what you have for as long as you breath. We only get to live once in this so called disaster of yours, only once and that’s it. Trust me you don’t want to be like this until you’re 80.
Now if you think there is an after life… then I don’t know!

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