I have been detached for a few days. I feel as though I have stepped out of my body. Before this state of detachment, I had incorporated my nostalgia so well that it had become an absolute part of my being. After 13 years, I suddenly no longer missed anything from my past. I even stopped writing and feared that I would not know how to write again.
It’s like the fear of forgetting how to drive if you stop for a long period of time. But once you are behind the wheel and your feet take their proper positions, and your body adjusts to the way the car feels, you realize you never forgot how to drive.
And fears are not real, just as loneliness is a state of mind. I am hoping to change my state of my mind. But it is this mind that drives everything, that allows me to reach well within me and feel. How do I stay intact if I stop feeling, if I let my mind go?

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