I think being happy involves proper training. If you will yourself to be happy, I think then it’s easy. You go on with your day, and no matter what happens, you are still happy, no one can take it away.
I am back to the city, riding 45 minute subway trains from Astoria, Queens into Manhattan. I have a book and my iPod, and when I get hungry, I nibble on trail mix nuts and fruits. I get comfortable and try not to think too much. There has been heavy snow lately, and normally I’d be angry and miserable. But I am okay with it. I walk slower and more carefully since I already fell once this week and scraped my knee. When I get home around 7 or 8, I make dinner and enjoy my new home. In the mornings, I try to make the perfect coffee and though I miss London’s coffee, I am settled with mine.
No one says you have to be happy everyday. There is no happy police to check on you. You just do it yourself, and if you don’t want to, so be it.
I’ve decided it’s best for me to not think about it. I am just going to live.

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