Life is full of …

What ? Dreams?Work?Education?Fun?Ups and downs? Memories?Boredom?
Everything you can name. It is just the way it is and the way it will be forever,unless some day it all ends. Who knows if there is a day that it’ll all end,who knows if we have to go on and on forever until our soul is in the heavens. Time is priceless.It is infinite,goes forever but flies fast.Therefore it is golden. Your minutes and seconds are what makes up your whole life. You could be dancing all night,or reading all day. Gossping for an hour or praying day by day. Watching t.v for two hours and not remembering a thing afterwards. Anything you do counts and makes up your life. You think you have a lot of time,but you really don’t. Make something out of it then,do something so you can remember you did it. So you can use it for the future.Time is really running by.And life is full of it!

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