Winds of time

Winds blow and the branches sway, the leaves falling violently, leaving us in bitter turmoil. The scene is surreal; we are disillusioned, disoriented. The winds push us back, and it’s hard to move forward, to push past the force.
And we are wanderers, dreaming. The winds change us, change the world.
We pray for those who are now gone with the wind. We pray for those whom we lost, for those who lost us, for those who lost each other.
What is left is more than sadness, more than a heavy heart. What is left is a bitter, unbearable, heavy silence. A silence stronger than the winds of time. Heavier than the forces of nature.
How do we move against these winds of time? How do we find our way back? How do we stop these violent winds, these painful drifts?
There is too much loss in our world. Too many winds. Too many fallen angels. And what we are left with is our troubled minds, our grief, our sorrow. What we are left with is heaviness and a loss for words.
Sometimes, even words can’t break the silence.

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  1. masoud April 17, 2007 @ 9:40 pm

    I feel exactly what you feel,but I can’t describe it as deeply and as beautifully as you do.

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