Coffee, bills and ice-cream

I add a tea spoon of sugar to my coffee. Did I ever mention that I don’t drink coffee? Today it was my second day. Yesterday I had coffee and I liked it because it wasn’t bitter; I had added plenty of milk and sugar. I was looking for a new taste. Tea was getting a bit trite.
Mom was sewing earlier today. Back in Tehran, that’s all she did. She did embroidery passionately. The task was effortless; she had become an expert. Now she is reading Nafisi’s book in between her college book on parent education.
My credit card bill is on the table. I’ve spent most of my money on Starbucks; I should cut back on Lattés.
Classes start tomorrow. But let’s not talk about that now when I can tell you about the gorgeous sun that’s out and the warm wind that traces its path. It’s a lazy day. I have no chores, no tasks, no plans. I am just enjoying the unbearable lightness of being…
Last night, before I headed to bed, I stood on a chair on my balcony and felt tall. I was chewing a delicious stick of chocolate ice-cream. I wasn’t wearing much and I was bare foot. I was a bit nervous, standing so tall, so close to the edge; I was scared that the wind would take me away…
How would you sum up the five irrelevant, short paragraphs above? How would you conclude your point? Did I even make a point? No…I just felt like talking about coffee and since I had no where to go with that, I figured I might as well tell you about the rest of the day. So there, I’ll end it now.

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  1. annabell August 29, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

    Hi Bluebird Escape,
    I have found your site and I find your poems very
    appealing. My best friend, she is a Persian, said that in Iran it is “normal” that poeple present their poems on TV. This is what I have been missing a lot in my culture.
    I do not know a lot bout Iran, but I am aware of the fact that ,”WE”, the Eurpeans claim to have the yardstick of everything. And I am very sorry that all the liberal people of Iran are rarely shown on TV. Thus your blog is important!
    Perhaps you can have a look at my blog. The content is probably typical of the German mentality but it has been written in English.
    It is also about Poems and things that make my world go round.
    best whishes,
    It is highest time to learn to understand the oriental world without judging it. We should realize that we look at the oriental world through the Western prism.
    “This lack of critical judgement by the mainstream press results from subtle interplay of ideology and the nature of the media as an industry; ideology, however, is the dominant aspect(William B. Dorman, “Journalism as Capitalism” The U.S. Press and Iran: Foreign Policy and the Journalism of Deference (Berkley, LA: U of California P, 1987, 1st edition,), p.184)”.

  2. hairofthedawg August 28, 2006 @ 5:08 am

    Like you kind of said, there wasn’t really a point, other than just getting things off your chest, which I’ll guess is the reason you weren’t wearing much on the balcony.
    I never really have a point when I write, which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, but in general it’s to make someone smile, or think about something. Most people don’t write back to let me know if I’ve succeeded or not but I still feel a desire to do it. I could be wasting my time, but oh well. It’s not the first time.
    Maybe you should switch to cappucino…the little chips of chocolate, and the caffeine rush, kept me drinking it while in Germany. It’s probably as expensive as a latte though.
    My mom used to crochet. I actually knew how to do it once upon a time.
    I guess you’ll have experienced your first day of classes by the time you read this so how was it? For me, I was going from a backward small town high school to college and the difference between the two was pretty astounding. I was nowhere near as smart as I thought I was. What classes are you taking?
    Enjoy the lazy days while you can. We’ve had it easy for the last few and my boss jokingly accused me of being in training for retirement this morning.
    Was it a Fudgesicle, or do they even make those anymore?
    Good luck with school…

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