A friendly intruder

The tables are set. The glasses filled with ice and water, the music just the right volume, the waiters ready to take orders from perfect strangers. There is something unique about the atmosphere of a restaurant. A special bond is formed between the waiters and the diners. The waiters know how to follow orders and the diners know exactly what to order. But there are a few who don’t know what to get, those are the indecisive group who always depend on someone else to make decisions for them. So they hesitate when the waiter asks if they’re ready. They slowly and shyly order something that caught their eye or was easy to pronounce and let the waiter do the rest of the talking. And that’s how they form a bond; whether they’re aware of this fact or not, this simple intervention brings them close. The waiter has crossed a line and is now one step closer to the person he is serving. He may overhear conversations as he serves the food, he may learn a few things here and there and if he is doing a especially good job, he may even be invited to reveal pieces of his personal life. He will be a person to share a laugh with, a friendly, welcomed intruder.

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