You don’t know

How many times a day do we put on a different face? How many times a day do we pretend we’re confident and together when we’re really not?
In a new environment, where every person I meet is a complete stranger and is probably judging me by the minute, I’m insecure. I’m afraid of being loud, of opening up. I’m just not myself.
The boy who is at my work thinks I’m shy. He doesn’t know that I scream at the top of my lungs at lunch time so my loud girl friends can hear me. He doesn’t know that I talk so much at home that my sister needs to get away from me. What he doesn’t know about me is probably what most people don’t know about me.
Breaking out of your shell is not easy. Breaking the silence that has kept you safe for so long is not easy. Talking when you don’t have to is not always easy. But sometimes you just have to break your safety nets and take a jump.

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