Senior pride

We’re tired. Nura has to attend the Regionals competition for speech and debate after school. The Palestinian beauty is applying makeup to her stunning, green eyes. The rest of us are staring at her. The loud, immature freshmen boys sitting next to us are playing cards. But it seems as though we have gone past the days when we sat shyly and read books at lunch. Now we’re mature senior girls with four years of experience, with pride and self-esteem. That’s how we want to be seen, mature and sophisticated. Whether or not we believe it, high school shaped us one way or another. We met so many different types of people, so many role models and inspirations. They must have had at least some influence in shaping us, in giving us an identity.
We’re moving forward, and although it’s tiring, we still keep going. We get up early, grab our keys, and with a touch of makeup, head out to start another strenuous day. Maybe knowing we’re seniors adds to our level of confidence, maybe not. Or maybe, we’ve finally accepted the old phrase, “that’s life”!
Nura puts her mirror away. She thinks she won’t win the competition. But she looks ready, confident. Her face glows. I think she has learned after four years that this competition is another game. Tomorrow she’ll have to face another one of life’s competitions.

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