To my khahar (my sister)

I want to make an early happy birthday notice to the dearest person in my life
This girl came back into my life after five years.
While I was here in America, this beautiful girl who is also my sister, was in Iran with my brother.
She finally came last March.
And changed my life forever.
I can never thank her enough for being truly an amazing sister,woman, and friend.
(her b-day is Nov. 12)
To my sister, my angel ( my fereshteh)
With you by my side, life has become more beautiful and more meaningful than I’ve ever known it to be
You are the star that always watches over me
You are my most beautiful memory of life
I found my true happiness when you came back to me
I love you with all my heart for ever and for always
You are a caregiver, a best friend, the epitome of a woman
You are my sister, my best friend, my everything
It is people like you who make this world beautiful, who make life worth living
Thank you for being there for me, for loving me, holding me, giving me all I need, helping me, believing in me
Thank you for being who you are,
With this birthday,
you will only become wiser, more experienced, more powerful and more beautiful
I love you to death sweet girl
Your name is tattooed to my heart.
Loving you always,
Your little sister who is so lucky to have you,

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