Valentines Day

I was sitting in the cafeteria, surrounded by red and pink balloons. As I walked the hallways, once again I was faced with giant balloons that came right in my face. Couples walked the hallways, hand in hand, whispering to each other, showing off their happy smiles and glowing with pride. Teachers wore ridiculously red flowered-shirts, brightening the hallways with their “Happy Valentines Day” smiles.
As kids went about, happily holding their chocolate boxes and heart-shaped balloons, I wondered how the others felt. You know, the ones that never get gifts, never get boxes of chocolate or even a Hershey’s kiss. How do they feel? From morning till noon they have to cross the halls, with at least one balloon flying their way. Or they might see a couple kissing in the corner, each holding a Valentines Day balloon or a carnation. Maybe it doesn’t affect them; maybe it is just another day. But they will always be reminded of that day. The day when stores fill their shelves with red hearts and candles and couples spend their savings on chocolates and cards and roses, Valentines Day.

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