The City of Angels

The road to Los Angeles was long and tiring. Mamanbozorg murmured prayers under her breath as we lost and found our way again, searching for avenues and roads and streets and boulevards. Maman sang to alleviate her frustration and R drove, cursing at the cars who cut in front of her and the road signs that were too small to see.
It has been a fast journey. We’ve peeked into each city, migrating from hotel to hotel, packing and unpacking, never getting enough sleep. But it’s been an eventful trip, fun, sunny and cool, hot and sometimes cold, with multiple views from the top of our hotel rooms that lookout to the moving cars.
Tonight we are tired, physically. We are driving out to San Diego early morning, another 3-hour drive with the ugly traffic of Los Angeles. And then we head back to Virginia on Saturday.
We drove through the mansions and houses of Beverly Hills and were wowed. We peeked at Hollywood Boulevard and Baba wondered were the celebrities were. Mamanbozorg pointed at right and left at whatever she saw, her cane up in her arms. Baba calls it the cane of Moses and we get a good laugh every time.
Coffee has been good during this trip. It has kept us awake and freshened, taking us through the roads, moving and pushing us forward, from city to city, side by side with rivers and the Pacific.
Moving forward in a timeless frame is rather strange. We’ve gone from Saturday to Thursday and I feel as though it’s been only a day and a month at the same time. I have lost track of time and day and it’s been awfully great.
She stares out the window to take one last look at the downtown of LA. And I am struggling to keep my eyes open to finish my last sentence.
Good night, angels. Buenas noches…los angeles.

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