New year’s day and laundry

Doing the laundry is therapeutic; it’s like taking a tranquilizer that calms you and erases all the bad thoughts. As the clothes turn upside down inside the washing machines, your thoughts do the same. Some get recycled and others are deleted. Doing the laundry is a process of recycling, cleansing, erasing and saving. When everything is done and the machines stop turning, and you take out the whites and colors, the process is completed. And you feel satisfied.
I like doing the laundry. I like putting clothes inside the machines and taking them out, filling them with bleach and softeners, and then watching as they turn upside down, inside and out. As I walk inside the Laundromat, I smell freshness; it’s like spring air. And I breathe in and out. Inhale. Exhale. And my thoughts are cleansed, so is my soul. Everything is clean and purified and fresh.
Today was the first day of a new year and Maman asked me to do the laundry. So I did.

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