Desensitized. Apathetic. Cynical.
Our generation, the undeveloped brains of teenagers, has often been called one with extreme apathy and lack of concern.
And sadly, in a way we have lost our enthusiasm and concern for many things. Things that were once so arguable, so analytical, so important and notable. Things that meant a great deal to us. Things that we gave a shit about. No, things that we cared for.
So why is it that we are not shocked by underage kids who smoke pot and get drunk every night? Why is it that we are no longer shocked by images of pornography or sex? Why are we so used to hearing curse words even on the local radio station?
What is happening to us?
We sit in English today and talk about society’s influence on how apathetic we, the laborers of tomorrow, the hopes of future, have become. We can either blame it on our parents, who either didn’t raise us the right way or didn’t enforce the right punishments. Or we can blame the media. Or we can blame ourselves.
But even if we do blame ourselves or others, what can we do now to fix our views?
“What’s going to shock you?” he asks the class.
And none of us has an answer…

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