My big brother: Happy Birthday

He remembers my birthdays and sends me his love. He’s watched me grow and although we live apart, he was there at every step of the way. He takes care of his little sister and gives her words of encouragement, words she needs to hear.
What would a girl do without her big brother’s love and support?
When I was a little girl, he bought me my dream Barbie dolls. He bought me Disney movies and introduced me to the world of cinema and movies. He held my little hands and showed me off to the world.
He created Bluebirdescape and gave me a place to write. He let the world hear what I have to say. My words of thanks will never be equal to how much he has given me on every day of my life.
Today is his birthday and now it’s my turn to show him off to the world. I want the whole world to know how much I love my big brother.
Happy birthday baradare azizam, my dearest.
Tavalodet mobarak dadash.
Dooset daram.

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