The Possibilities

A minute ago I didn’t know what to write about. I couldn’t write about love because I don’t know what love is. I couldn’t write about happiness because it is different for everyone. For me happiness is being with my family and enjoying life. For someone else happiness might be a glass of cold water or a chocolate cake. To a homeless happiness can be a home with a nice cozy blanket. To a starving man happiness can be a piece of bread. To a rich family happiness can be a new Mercedes or a villa near the ocean. To a little kid happiness can be a toy with mom and dad.
I can’t write about sadness because it brings pain. I can’t write about the world simply because I haven’t yet seen it all.
I have an opportunity to write and let others see it. I write in a cool room, with music, and a computer. Somewhere out there, someone else might be writing, but in a small space, with an almost broken pencil, with lots of disturbing noise, too much heat, and no one to show it to.

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  1. hamid July 30, 2003 @ 10:54 pm

    me too. but humans should survive in a hope of finding the answer (or their answer) to those questions. at least, I’ve decided to survive!

  2. hairofthedawg July 30, 2003 @ 12:37 pm

    Sorry, I totally disagree, well not totally, but here’s why. You know what love is, just maybe not the romantic kind yet. The other kind, familial, is from my experience, which isn’t a good standard to judge by, more enduring and valuable. The romantic kind can be a beautiful feeling under the right circumstances but even after living this long I haven’t found a situation that lasts. It’s mainly because I’m selfish and like what I do for a living. It involves a lot of work-related travel which isn’t conducive to maintaining a healthy relationship. The family is always there, regardless.
    I also think you’ve written about sadness very well. You’ve expressed your regrets about the way things are in Iran quite clearly. Yeah, it’s sad to write about, but you can’t ignore the hard realities of life.
    As far as the world, who has seen it all? What I like about thinking about other places is, or are, the possibilities. You just never know what will happen when you visit a place. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad. Don’t be afraid to hypothesize. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong…if you’re wrong someone will correct, or educate you, and if you’re right, you smile.
    It sounds to me like you’d like to help those who are stuck with broken pencils, too much heat and too much noise get their thoughts out. How will you go about it?

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