January 2005

A new year has begun. I’ve changed and so have others. We all change, don’t we?
We get older; we realize things about ourselves that we might not have realized before.
I have been through many realizations over the past few months, years actually.
I know that I have not done much for anyone. I would like to do more this year. Instead of telling my mother I love her every five minutes, I want to show her I love her. Instead of hugging her so much I want to go to the kitchen and wash the dishes for her. Instead of telling my dad he is too quiet, I want to talk to him and ask him what he wants most. Instead of asking my parents to take me shopping, I want to say ‘hey since you love walking lets go walk’. Instead of pretending to be a good daughter, I want to show I’m a good daughter.
My life has been perfect in many ways and not so perfect in other ways. But either way it has been a blast. That is not a lie. Everyone has always loved me, they’ve told me I’ve grown up into a beautiful and smart young lady. Now it is my turn to show them I have grown up. I want to show them that I have plans and that I want to make something out of my life.
2004 already passed and I didn’t get to share a birthday with my siblings. I didn’t get to attend my brother’s wedding. I also didn’t get to write a story and have it published.
But now that it is 2005, I think I still have a chance …

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