The Year Almost Gone

The year is almost gone, yet I think I have time. Time to enjoy the month of March, the Spring, and the beauty of nature. I think that even though the year is almost gone, there is still a chance for me to find myself. To really find my soul. To make a difference in my life. The life I lead everyday, every morning, every night, every minute. I have to be honest, I enjoy my life the way it is, although I wish for some changes. Changes that would make it even better.
My sister and I, though miles and miles apart, are very close. She is fourteen years older than me, I love her just the same. She is my role model and truly inspires me. I always thought it would be nice to have a younger sister, since I was the last child. But later I realized that for me, having an older sister and two older brothers was way better. They are simply the best and I cannot ask for anyone better.
I feel lonely a lot of times, since not many people are around. Although by now, I am pretty much used to not having all my family around, it is still hard. I’ve had to deal with this since the second grade, when my dad left us for the first time. It was tough, it was weird and strange. It was hard to get used to it. See I’m a family girl, I cannot live without them. It’s just the way I am.
They mean everything to me, every single one of them. Every day I pray that one day we’ll all be together. One day we will and that day will be special. Sometimes thinking about it too much, exhausts me. Tears can’t even replace it. Only silence, where I can think about other things, laugh not cry and smile to what I have and not cry over what is not there. That’s the way I deal with life.

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