We were on the roads for the longest time. The first stop was Charlotte, North Carolina. What a city! With the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. Mostly rich people. Even the shops that we have here were fancier over there. We slept in our friend’s house and hit the roads again next morning. Our destiny:Orlando, Florida. We made it and found our hotel.

Disney World:Epcot
Our first day was spent at one of Disney’s parks called Epcot. A very huge park with lots and lots of people. A very beautiful park (I will use Beautiful a lot). We visited some of its rides which were mostly educational. Forexample: The energy of the Universe, starting Bill Nye and Ellen. It was fun, you bet!

Disney World:Magic Kingdom
Our third day was at the other park of Disney, Magic Kingdom, where you meet your favorite Disney charactors! It was twice as crowded as Epcot. The weather was good, sunny and nice. Although at night it was very very cold! I think I had more fun in Magic Kingdom. At 8:00 PM there was a parade, very cool! And at 9:00 was fireworks, awesome!
Orlando Itself
Orlando was a very nice and peaceful city which reminded me of an island in Iran called Kish. The cool part about Orlando were the Palm trees. So you get the point, it was a very nice place to stay at for Christmas vacation. We did expect it to be very hot but it wasn’t!

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