How will it end

She wonders. She drinks coffee out of a creme colored mug and stares at the melted snow on the porch. She puts down her cup and stares at the kitchen floor and wonders where she will go next. She will return to the city in about a week and she is looking for another job. She is already concerned about the summer, will she stay, will she come back home, will she go apartment hunting…with what money?
She keeps drinking her coffee and now it’s cold. She puts it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Everyone is working. Her father is somewhere doing a crossword puzzle out of a Persian newspaper. Her sister is at the office, eating the peanut butter sandwich she made the night before.
She makes another pot of coffee. She stares out the window, at the fan that turns with the wind. She feels sad, but is content if only for a second because the coffee is warming her a bit.

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