A great cook

Grandma and I enjoyed a meal of rice and chicken together. She is a great cook. She knows how to make a typical food different, zesty, spicy, with the right amount of Saffron, the right amount of pepper. I tell her that she is a better cook than Maman because Maman doesn’t take risks with food. She cooks them the traditional way, never using additives. Maman says that you are not supposed to add Saffron to anything. But Grandma goes, “says who?”
I don’t think Maman is scared. I think she just likes her food that way. She’s always made it the same way and isn’t going to capitulate.
Not everyone is a risk taker. Not everyone can break tradition. Maman doesn’t take risks with cooking. That’s because she took a lot of risks back when she was a young girl. No, Maman isn’t scared. She never was.

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