Good night sis

She moved out today, with her belongings neatly packed into a red suitcase, her house key tucked securely in her purse. She looked happy; I think I saw contentment in her eyes for the first time in two years. Mom and Dad helped her unpack in the tiny basement room that she rented in a lovely little town house. The neighborhood is nice and her neighbors seem friendly. The guy next to her is young and apparently good with tools. Her landlord said if she needs help fixing things, she can ask this fellow.
Some of her things are still here. There are books she has to pack and the rest of her makeup utensils and her green skirt and winter coats. I am trying to remember them so I can think about them when I miss her or when I feel lonely.
She is probably drinking coffee right now; black coffee in a mug, checking her email, writing a short piece on her blog. She will turn off all the lights because she enjoys the darkness; the night makes her happy. I am happy thinking of her in her own place, waking up to her own sun, sleeping with her own moon.
I will miss her candles, her obsession with tea and coffee, her love of the rain.
Good night sis.

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  1. sis November 8, 2006 @ 5:57 pm

    love this, and thanks for bringing it out so beautifully!
    miss you baby,

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