White roses

She bought white roses for him on the second of October, his birthday. We forgot to sing, but we kissed him and he wore the biggest smile.
My father is the most beautiful man with the brightest smile. He is the shyest ouf of all of us but tells the funniest stories. He is brave and has a big heart. He is proud to be our father and we are proud to be his girls. Sometimes I look into his eyes and I fear. I fear of losing him and I want to hold him because I am scared to let go. I am not like my father. I am still a child and I don’t know when I will grow up.
The white roses were carefully placed in a vase. I look at them every morning and I remember that nothing will be as pure as my father’s love.

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  1. sasha October 5, 2006 @ 4:08 am

    tavalodesh mobarak:D:D:D:D!!
    mooch mooch!

  2. hairofthedawg October 4, 2006 @ 8:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing this and the previous post. I hope your dreams come true. I’m also glad you realize that America is an imperfect utopia. I think one of our nation’s greatest assets is that a lot of us realize that fact and try, each in our own way, to improve it. As far as growing up, I’m not sure a person ever does…speaking for myself that is…maybe it’s when you have kids and recognize what an awesome responsibility raising them is. That’s not the case with everyone, but I’ve noticed quite a difference in friends of mine once they have children. Hold your dad every chance you get. I’ll never forget how nervous I was when one day I took my dad to lunch to express how much he sacrificed for me and my brother when we were growing up. I wasn’t afraid, just wary of expressing my deepest feelings toward him. Do it while you can. I don’t mean to neglect your mom, but it is your dad’s birthday so please shake his hand and extend to him my warmest regards and best wishes. As far as I can tell, he and your mother have raised a wonderful daughter, one whose books I hope to read someday.

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