Christian Missionaries on bikes

I was walking down Manchester Street, listening to a song, minding my own business, enjoying the breeze. I was then approached by two young women on bikes. I hit the pause button on my iPod when I noticed one of them stopping. I thought maybe she wanted to ask for directions.
They were not lost, nor were they going to ask for directions. They were missionaries, Christian missionaries on the road to serving god. I was taken aback, but I soon became amused. I decided not to be rude so I told them I believed in God but wasn’t religious. One of the girls said religion really helped her deal with life. The other said religion might not be important to you right now, but later it will do you good. I was then handed a card with a picture of a big, luminous church on the front.
The back of the card asked a series of impelling questions:
What is the purpose of life?
What is the true nature of God?
Can families be together forever?
Where do we go after this life?
-The Church of Jesus Christ
I took the card, smiled, and walked away. Did I really care to know where I would go after this life? Did I really know the true nature of the God that I’ve believed in all my life? Nah…
But I did find it interesting that even in the 21st century, people, young or old, still travel to convert sinners into citizens of god. I suppose they think they have some sort of duty. But what about freedom of choice? I mean this is America right? I can choose…can’t I?
I appreciated the nice gestures of the two young missionaries. I even kept the card, but only to write this post. I’m living in the moment for now…where I will end up after this life, I guess only God would know.

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