Me and the rain

It rained today and I’m choosing the word gloomy to describe it. But the aftermath of this rain has been surprisingly…good. I’m dancing to a Persian song, the window is halfway open and there is a fresh, spring-like smell.
Donya dige mesle to nadare…the world has no one like you, he sings.
I was telling Nura earlier that I wasn’t feeling too up. I was quite devoid of motivation and thought everything was pointless. The rain was pouring lightly, hitting my lashes. The campus looked dead; the usual crowd was gone. The smokers still smoked, exhaling into the clean air, one hand holding the cigarette, the other a cup of coffee. I’m still amazed by this. By the fact that so many are addicted. Or maybe we are all addicts in one way or another.
I’m leaving the window open. The world is mine, isn’t it?

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