When we forget to laugh

Children laugh at each other. They laugh when they see monkeys at the zoo or silly cartoon characters on t.v.
What do the grownups, the adults laugh at?
We laugh at ourselves. We laugh with sarcasm. We laugh out of pity sometimes, out of boredom, out of extreme fatigue, out of anger, out of sadness.
There are times when we remember how to really laugh, how to really enjoy the moment. We remember how we laughed at little things as children. We remember that we were once children.
We are no longer innocent when we grow up so we laugh to cover the guilt, the anger, the pity. Sometimes we don’t know why we laugh. Maybe we don’t need to know.
Children laugh with reason. They see and laugh. They do something and laugh. They haven’t forgotten that clowns are funny, that talking animals are funny, or that grownups are funny.
Have we then, forgotten everything?

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