Unsatisfied and underage

Last night I watched Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City and thought, that’s probably gonna be me when I’m 38. A single girl in the middle of Manhattan, a writer, no kids, no family…pretty much all the things that I think will make me happy (except the single part).
But then there is the fear of not wanting them anymore. How do we know what we have is enough? How do we know what we really want? There are things we want and there are satisfactions. But when we’re no longer satisfied, what do we do? Will we ever be completely satisfied with everything we have?
I’m not 38 yet, but even now I’m afraid of never-ending desires. I’m afraid I’ll never be satisfied. Last night, I thought of what I had. But, what I didn’t have was what became important and ultimately made me upset and angry.
I’m gonna go for the things I want. And I’m just gonna hope that’ll be satisfying enough.

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