A world of iPods

(pic from Google)
iPods are taking control over our lives. I was walking around M-street in Georgetown and I couldn’t help but notice how many people wore headphones. People are becoming more and more desperate to get away from the everyday routines and music breaks them free from the norm. These iPods allow them to escape from sirens and honks in streets, and the incessant chatters of others, and just about anything else that may be bothersome. It makes sense that people would want to have their own space in a world of their own, wheather that’s Mozart, Bon Jovi or the Black Eyed Peas, but is that really a good thing? What if every single person around you suddenly wears a set of headphones, how would you feel? If we all decided to turn up the volume and listen to a forever-playing melody, will we pay attention to what goes on around us, what our friends, family and children say? Is technology tearing us apart from our relationships, our once personal interests? Is life becoming so unbearable that we must turn it into a live concert?

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