I desperately want to see the world. I feel that every time I leave the country, I learn so much more. I even appreciate life more. It’s like getting a new identity and a whole new set of eyes. You become a traveller, a tourist, a man on a journey; you’re looking to find a new dimension, a fresh perspective. You’re no longer an ordinary person; you are different, exotic, a fresh face. It’s fascinating; the roads are different, the smell, the colors, the textures. You feel like you can do anything, be anyone without being questioned, judged or recognized. You have control because nobody knows your past; nobody knows who you were.
Sometimes we need to escape from ourselves and our ordinary lives. We need to find a new comfort zone, somewhere were no one waits for us or expects us to wait for them. We want to create a new home where we can be someone else. It’s a thrilling journey, an exciting adventure, but we remain who were even if we try to hide that identity.

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