A Smile Inside

I look outside and I feel so good inside. Time is running out and November is almost gone. I have learned so much this year that I feel like a new person. It is amazing how much you can learn in a matter of months. You might not know at first, but when you do, months have passed.
I hate it when I feel that I don’t deserve what I have. I get the feeling that I don’t belong or that I don’t deserve my life. Sometimes great things happen to you and you almost don’t believe that they did. After a while you feel that you didn’t deserve it, someone else did.
School changes every year. One year I like it, one year I don’t. But one thing never changes: I always love learning new things. There are days that I love walking down the hallways and looking at faces that have a thousand secrets beneath them. There are also days that being there disturbs me.
Thanksgiving is only a day away. I am happy. Life is great right now.

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