Imagine an ocean
With its waves
And the sound it makes
Imagine a child
Running through the wind
And laughing out loud
Imagine a place
Where you could walk into
And let your dreams come true
Imagine a place
Where nothing surrounds you
Just you and your soul
Imagine a world of freedom
And a world full of pleasure
With justice and peace
Now stop imagining and think of reality. If you’re near the ocean, can you get rid of all your thoughts so you can only hear the waves? Can you understand the laughter of a child and think of the importance of happiness? Can you get to all of your dreams? Can you be left only by your soul and no other being? Can you see a world of freedom with justice and peace?
Sometimes imagination works, sometimes reality won’t let it work. Either way we have to lead a life. Each one us holds something big on the way. Each one of us is capable of making a difference. We have to accept ourselves and our neighbors. We have to accept reality.

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  1. hamid August 30, 2003 @ 7:54 pm

    Just run! it’s a good solution, when your muscles soak lactic acide, your mind gets free, you can’t feel nothing but your own self! your blood pressure falls down and you feel a kind of soft suicide, it’s my experience, it’s cool….

  2. hairofthedawg August 29, 2003 @ 4:03 pm

    1-I always get my best thoughts when sitting near a river listening and watching the river slowly grind away the land and deposit it elsewhere. Whenever I visit the farm I make sure to spend at least one evening building a fire and roasting hot dogs while watching the river. It’s nicer when I’m listening to a Mariners’ game but I really don’t listen, moreso react when the announcers’ excitement breaks into my thoughts. I would like to visit Kalaloch on the coast of the Olympic peninsula during Washington State’s stormy season. I like the power of the sea. I like the power of nature period.
    Your example of happiness is perfect!
    Dreams, not sure that’s probable, but it is possible. Had I achieved mine, I’d be on the space station right now. Too lazy, I guess, although I haven’t done badly.
    Don’t know much about souls or even whether I believe in them or not.
    Freedom…you’re in the place with the most…peace and justice are far too open to interpretation. America’s close and far better than a lot of other places, but not perfect. It’s being worked on.

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