A hard Long Week

I had a hard long week. It seemed like a long time even though it was just a week. I sort of lost my confidence and worried too much. I could not control myself. I felt very weak. Now I feel much better. My mom always gives me strength and reminds me to be positve and to believe in myself.

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  1. hairofthedawg August 24, 2003 @ 7:48 am

    What? You just traveled to Iran and back and all the sudden you lack confidence? Think back on some of the things you have accomplished. I’m guessing on some of these, but a lot of things I think you’ve done impress me greatly. Emigrated to the US…probably a bit scary and definitely a culture shock. It sounds to me like you’ve adapted pretty darn well. I’m not sure how much English you knew before you came to the states, but you have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts. I could go on… One thing that always helped me if I had doubts was letting my doubts make me angry at those doubts and then using that anger to fuel determination. I also had a good/bad habit of studying so much at some things I didn’t have time to worry. Don’t forget the fun things in life and I hope you’re enjoying volleyball. Sports are/were a pleasant distraction.

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