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A park in Brussels – July 2003
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Having fun


A soccer ball


A road to freedom

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  1. Danial November 25, 2003 @ 5:27 pm

    Hello. You got nice pics here. I persoanally had no idea how Belgium looks like, and it seems it’s a pretty nice place. I’m persian too, and i thank you for the pics(Kheily aksaye bahalie), keep up the good work.Bye

  2. !!Chelsey November 1, 2003 @ 7:51 pm

    YOU do not have any BLUE BIRDS on this websit…

  3. OLDIE MASCHA August 17, 2003 @ 8:40 pm


  4. bluebird July 21, 2003 @ 7:38 am

    Yes,I am only 15, but thanks for the invitation anyway 🙂

  5. mrpink July 20, 2003 @ 9:01 pm

    Is blue bird only 15? She sounded older.
    Regardless, I was also afraid of sounding a little creepy, but if somebody I know – or no, read – from the other side of the world is practically walking underneath my window I’m gonna shout and damn all the rest.

  6. hairofthedawg July 20, 2003 @ 10:55 am

    No, you’re not Rex, but I wouldn’t mind sharing a coke or capuccino with her myself. Although my ego is loath to admit that I’m learning things from such a young lady, that’s what I’ve been doing, and, if I were fortunate enough to find myself in the same location, I’d gladly offer her the beverage of her choice.

  7. Rex-Pat July 20, 2003 @ 6:16 am

    Am I the only one who finds inviting a fifteen-year-old girl for a drink to be a little creepy?

  8. mrpink July 20, 2003 @ 1:02 am

    Aha! Welcome to Belgium. I didn’t know you were so close these days.
    Although I have never been to Iran – yet – when I walk the streets of brussels just like you I can’t help but think how self-evident it has become for us to behave and dress freely in public. It is not even about freedom, it is about fun. I see the girls go by dressed in their summer clothes, so to speak, and every single one of them is a new canvas with a different picture. Some proudly show off how well they approximate the 21st century beauty ideal, others take on a more sportive image and others still refuse to participate in the beauty race and dress more casually, or experiment to be totally different. In doing so they provide a counterpoint to the whole and display a kind of rough cut beauty all of their own.
    Damn, I’m getting prozaic.
    But in Iran, I suppose, the experience would be like watching a pack of black ravens perch on trees. As I said, it’s not even about freedom, it’s about fun. Perhaps the mullahs realize that to maintain a dictatorship you have to attack a people’s mindset too. If you can follow somebody into the bedroom and tell them what they can and can’t do, you can tell them what to do on any subject. But more likely, I think these old bearded men have never known true pleasure or love in their life and now they feel compelled to deny it to a new generation.
    Well, I hope you enjoy your last days in belgium. You certainly brought back the weather with you from Iran. And if you don’t know what to do (this is terribly straightforward for someone who reads your blog but never commented), if you’d like to go and have a drink, I’d love it.

  9. Farzan July 20, 2003 @ 12:56 am

    …well If it’s u in the photo beside the reservoir in Brussels park, I would say u r a typical pretty Persian girl. Although I don’t c your face but u have such a beautiful hair as what I c here are mostly blond girls (%90)!
    Good luck

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