What I have to say about Iran

When I lived as a pure Iranian nothing ever really disappointed me. Not the traffic because we didn?t have a car. Not the heat because I had too much fun to notice it. Not the scarf because I didn?t have to wear it. Not the stares or remarks because I didn’t pay attention. Now with only one month I got very disappointed. I was disappointed by the veiled women at particular crowded places that told ladies to fix their hejabs or wear longer pants. With new styles women wear what they never wore four years ago. Their hair is shown from the back. They put a lot of make up. They wear pink montos and pink shoes. They wear short pants and very small scarves. I was disappointed by the long traffic and the terrible drivers. I was angered by the fact that they never appreciate their nurses the way they really should. I was sorry to see young boys smoking cigars. I was angered and sorry by how many students lost their lives from the demonstrations against a pathetic regime.
You see, I was disappointed over these things in only one month. Now imagine how many times the people get disappointed everyday of their lives.

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  1. Maryam August 2, 2003 @ 5:24 am

    you know, I have been looking for some interesting weblogs to read, and i just found yours. I really enjoy reading yours. It reminds me so much of last summer i was in iran for the first time. I have family there, and never had the chance to meet them. And as you say, it is disappointing to see all those things going on.and i stayed there for almost 3 months. But the people are wonderful.

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