Yesterday I went to another park. This time I was with my sister and her friend. Once we were in the park, everyone seemed to be staring at us. I looked at the trees and the people sitting under them. Some were chatting, some were walking like us, and others were looking at us. I saw a girl on a bike and two others skating. I thought that was interesting since not many girls bike or skate. I was happy to see that they’re not afraid and do what they like.
I went to the bookstore twice. I saw many teen girls looking at books. They were with their friends or alone. Even though there are not many ways for them to have fun they do what they can to enjoy life They read they bike skate and spend time with friends Another problem for them is that if they walk alone or with other girls boys would often bother them Some men slow their car and start talking to them others just look and make remarks> life for women is very difficult.

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