Growing up

This year I feel like I have grown more. My thoughts are more reasonable, more effective. I seem to see the world more openly. I feel a lot of change in myself from the past years. I am seeing the real world and feeling that my surroundings are real, life is real, at least now, and the future is in my hands. Yet the fear of the future does not leave. I am scared. Like I’ve always been of what is going to come and what will happen to me. Sometimes I don’t feel important, but I know I am.
I am less afraid of not understanding. When I don’t understand something, I let it pass by until I want to understand it. Some things have to be understood, others can be understood later. I now know my abilities, my strengths and my weaknesses. I know my talents and I know I am different than others, and it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I don’t care if I am not smart in a particular subject, I care about what I can do and what I know. I am not afraid of High school like I was on August 19th, I am afraid of the future.

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