A Reason to Live

I consider myself a very lucky girl. I have so many opportunities that many don’t. I have a future, sadly many don’t. I can make my own decisions, I have my rights. Yet so many don’t, many whom I know. I have the best parents in the world. And I mean that with all my heart and I will say it for the rest of my life.
My mom is a woman I love deeply. She went through a lot of difficulties in her life. She lost loved-ones, she went through a long term pain, she was without her children for five years, for no reason. She grew up during the Shah’s leadership, the revolution and eight years of war with Iraq. She never talks about her past because it hurts her heart and mind, I understand that. She is the strongest woman I have ever met.
My father is a funny,shy and a kind-hearted gentleman. He is very precious to me. When I was eight years old, he went to America. He had two big surgeries and was without his family for four years, alone in a strange world. A bigger world that had everything. Yet, with all the pain and all the loneliness he remained strong and never forgot to smile. He is the reason I am here. After four years my mom and I joined him. It was the best moment for all of us.
I have every reason to be happy, to feel lucky and to say that I want to live. I want to live even though things don’t always go right, even though life is hard. If I tell you of all the things I have, you might not think that I am that lucky since you might have more. But I am, at least to me. My family is the reason I am the luckiest. Without them I could never survive.

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